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image imageristina Garon was born to a French family in Lithuania. Her mother was an artist and encouraged her early interest in art. Kristina from the early age was fascinated by her mother’s ability to paint without any sketches.  

Garon began studying art in Academy of Art,  Vilnius, Lithuania, after that  she continue studies in Academy of Art , Tallinn, Estonia. It was not until Garon came to America she begins to express herself as an artist without limitations. Before she came in America Kristina lived in Warsaw, Poland, Berlin and Munich, Germany. When Garon arrived to US she lived for 15 years in Los Angeles, California. After that she relocated to East Coast, Washington DC area. 


Garon likes her paintings to be combination of bold, aggressive strokes and delicate, gentle, intricate detail. Garon’s appreciation of strong color is partly due to their rarity when she was growing up. Her paintings are reflection of her life experience and positive thoughts fueled by her intuition and imagination. Garon not go looking for inspiration or ideas in everyday life. She leaves it to the Universe to decide what to send her. She calls her paintings “deliveries from Universe”. While Garon’s works have the swirling energy of many abstract works, they also suggest something quite different: the murmuring of numerous voices beneath each layer. The variety of styles impact our senses, awaken our emotional memory, and empower us to see the universe and beyond.  Garon show the viewer that a painting should not end on the canvas. It should encourage viewers to create worlds of their own.

After seeing Garon’s paintings in International Art exhibition “ Creative Energy” that took place in Estense Castle Museum, Ferrara, Italy October 2010  Italian art critic and journalist Michela Turra in her  Review of Kristina’s Garon art wrote: “ Garon developed the feature that became recognizable trademarks of her art.  Garon’s paintings demonstrating that abstract and figurative art can masterfully coexist, giving birth to an unexpected and successful synthesis.  Her art gives joy: it is continuous discovery, total fullness of existence, where there is no sparing, because what matters is to give and to communicate the emotions of the soul”

Her paintings have been widely exhibited in group exhibitions, Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, Art Fusion Gallery Art district Miami, Florida, annual International exhibitions in Estense castle Museum, Ferrara, Italy and “De Marchi” Gallery, Bolonia, Italy. Also her work is in numerous private collections. Recently Garon today lives and works in Washington DC area.



Group Exhibitions



ART EXPO Piazza del Popolo Rome, Italy May 26-May 29



International Art Exhibition Agora Gallery New York City, Chelsea

May 20-June 9, Opening Reception, May 26, 6-8pm



International Art Fair Museum Du Louvre Paris, France June 12-14

International Art Exhibition " Rhapsody in Color" Agora Gallery New York City

July 7-July 28, Opening Reception Thursday July 9, 6-8pm

International Art Exhibition " Contemporary Perspectives" Agora Gallery

New York City July 31-August 20, Opening Reception August 6, 6-8pm

The International Association Gallery " Il Collezionista"

Award Of The Arts " Donato Bramante" Monumental Complex Museum

Hall Of The Bramante August 25-September 4

Inaguration August 25th at 18:30 Rome ,Italy

International Exhibition " Contemporary Paradise" Villa Castelnuovo

October 15- 18 Palermo, Italy

Italian Art Fair Dubai Emirates UAE

This project is sponsored by the Italian institutions in the UAE, the Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Consulate in Dubai

DUCTAC Dubai Community Theatre & Arts Center

December 5-11 Dubai Emirates UAE



Parallax Art Fair February 20-22 Chelsea Town Hall, London UK

Exhibition "Divergent Realities"

October 10- October 30

Agora Gallery 530 West 25th str. New York,NY10001

Exhibition "Pathway to Abstraction"

December 23- January 15, 2015

Agora Gallery 530 West 25th street, New York, NY 10001



International Art Fair ARTMONACO'13

April 2013 Grimaldi Forum Monaco

Exhibition " Pathway to Abstraction"

Dec.17-January 9, 2014"

Agora Gallery, New York, NY



Exhibition in Agora Gallery, New York, Chelsea

Exhibition in Art Fusion Gallery Miami, Florida

Kristina Garon listed artist Art in America Annual Guide 2013



Exhibition in De Marchi Gallery, Bologna-Italy

Exhibition in Agora Gallery, New York, Chelsea

International Art Exhibition Museum of the Estense Castle Ferrara, Italy



“Degrees of Abstraction”, Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York City

Art Basel & ”Enlightened Synchronicities”, Art Fusion Galleries,  Miami, FL 

“Transluminent Fantasies”, Art Fusion Galleries, Miami,FL 

“Inner Visions”  , Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, FL

“Incantations in Multi-Color”   , Art Fusion Galleries, Miami, FL

“Global Arts Projects presents:” The Artist at Home and Abroad”

The Broadway Gallery,   New York, NY

“Creative Energy”, Museum of The Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy



“Four Degrees of Abstraction”, Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York City

Juried members exhibition, Arts Club of Washington, Washington, DC

Juried members exhibition, Rockville Art League (RAL), Rockville, MD



International Exhibition, Lilit Kala Academy, New Deli, India

“Transportation Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, MOCADC Gallery, Washington, DC 

Juried Members Exhibition,   Arts Club of Washington, Washington, DC     




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Read Artist Statement

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