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"Art is creativity bursting through our souls!"

 When I am creating art, I don’t sweat it or labor it just comes to me naturally.

I never look for my style. I believe that the only way to develop a style is continue to work. I strongly believe that the more an artist works the stronger his artistic voice becomes. Possibilities for discovery are endless. Art means always knocking loudly at the door of the unknown.

My paintings have a deeper, fuller, clearer meaning that can’t be seen at first glance.

It is reflection of my life experience and positive thoughts fueled by my intuition and imagination. I do not go looking for inspiration or ideas in everyday life. I leave it to the Universe to decide what to send me. All of us are part of the Universal Mind which is Omnipotent and Omnipresent. I call my paintings” Deliveries from Universe”. Paintings may be “delivered” to me in a rough form. Then it is up to me to turn on my imagination what is my workshop and to reveal what is beneath the rough surface.… And the final result of my paintings is a glimpse of human life unfolding in front of our eyes. In the case of my recent paintings, the glimpse is into how people’s decisions have a positive or negative impact on their lives. Those thoughts are expressed in my paintings "Decisions", "Transitions" and “Ray of Hope “

I cultivate intuition. It is the ability to perceive and understand without conscious effort.

When I start the creative process I open myself to all possibilities, I’m open to experimentation. I believe that there is no risk in the creative process. There is no failure, only feedback.

Time is priceless. I have become very selective in how I spend it. Even if I am extremely busy doing many different things in life, I would always find time for creating art because for me art is a passion and a burning desire. Art is a guiding purpose in my life. It is extremely exciting to me to open doors to the unknown and to discover what is there.

I love to work with acrylics because of the fluidity it gives, the possibilities it provides for varying textures and the speed at which it dries. I like my paintings to be combination of bold, aggressive strokes and delicate, gentle, intricate detail. The colors in my paintings are a combination of bright and happy colors with more sober blues. It reflects how life is a combination of joy and sorrow.

 I work fast because I am driven by curiosity. I can’t wait to see what comes to my canvas from the Universe this time!  From my life experience I strongly believe that we can achieve whatever we want in our lives if we do not give up and continue to move toward our goals, despite difficulties.

Since art is an international language of expression I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my vision with people around the world and hopefully touch, move and inspire those who find my work interesting.


Kristina Garon



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